20 July 2017

Never seen anything like this before

Sharmila and I were taking stroll in the beach when we saw something in the horizon. At the bottom of the dark clouds that had started looming in the horizon, suddenly a funnel like structure started forming and came down to touch the water. We could see visibly- although it was very very far – the mist of water in an otherwise straight edge of the water in the horizon.

We saw one, then another and then a third one. A few minutes later, they slowly disappeared, starting to recede from the ground level till they vanished in the dark clouds.

I guess that will go down as our first sighting of tornadoes in our life!!!

Unfortunately, I did not have my DSLR camera with me – so had to make do with my iPhone…

Posted July 20, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Trey Warren on

    Looks like a Waterspout. I saw several on Lake Ponchartrain last week. They are usually weaker than tornados.

  2. By Keya Banerjee on

    Amazing. We saw similar dust funnel clouds in Serengiti this time ( mistook them as fire/ smoke from a distance). They only develop in afternoon once the air heats up.


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