11 July 2017

Tuberose from Sharmila’s garden

I grew up in India calling this “Rajanigandha”. Without doubt, one of the most fragrant flowers one can ever be around. This flower almost always carries a symbolism of marriage in my mind since every wedding ceremony in India (certainly the parts that I come from) would have this as a must-have item. This, those ever-flickering tubelights in the wedding halls and those dratted small green insects that rejoiced in walking sideways around those flickering tubelights (Bengalis help me – “shyamapoka”???).

My dad – who is not exactly conversant with everything America – could not be more glowing of this country when I told him this morning that Sharmila has grown “Rajanigandha” in our garden. It has almost made up for his disdain towards those American socks sellers for selling me socks that barely came up to my ankles. (He figured for the money I paid – once multiplied by the exchange factor, I should have gotten socks up to my knees. Or even more!! đŸ™‚ )

Anyways, going back to the picture, this was taken with an iPhone in the evening. I could get one stalk in an angle such that there was nothing behind that gave a great depth of field perception.

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    1. By Rajib Roy on

      Ranjanda! Help!! I think you gave this to Sharmila, right? You got it from India, did you not? Or was it Mexico?


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