25 June 2017

Father’s Day Gift

Now that all those fabulous pictures of the “daughters-cooked-my-breakfast-slash-lunch-slash-dinner” have somewhat subsided, I felt it might be a good time for me to pipe up with my own Father’s Day gift post. On Sunday, I came down early morning to the kitchen to see that Natasha was already busy with her iPhone. Like she is on every Father’s Day. Or just about any other day, for that matter.

“Dad, I am going to do goat Yoga” today, she said.

Having nary an idea about what a goat Yoga is in God’s green earth, I put forward my ignorance in a verbal form. And was duly explained by her, what it was all about. [Feel free to search it on Youtube and then write to me what you think]

Regarding what I thought, I summoned all my punning capabilities to an otherwise forgettable moment, I said – “That is a baaaaaaad idea”!!

And that is when I received my best Father’s Day gift ever.

“Dad, I know what I am getting you for Father’s Day. I am going to pretend all your jokes today are very funny”.

Admittedly, I cannot take a picture of that. But, boy, is that the best Father’s Day gift ever for me, or what? 🙂

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