17 June 2017

Which airport am I in? #14 in series

Well, there should not be any points for guessing this one. I cannot think of any other airport whose motto is “If the airlines did not do a good job in separating you from your money, welcome to our airport!” Which other airport has casino slot machine all over?

“You just arrived at our city to lose a lot of money in the casinos? Why not get a head start even before you can reach the baggage carousel?” Speaking of which – forget inside the airport – they have slot machines lined up AT the baggage pick up! “You got your luggage? Why bother going to the hotel? Start losing money, right now, right here!!”

The real funny part? People are actually playing at these machines!! With a beer in hand too!!!

Posted June 17, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs

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