24 May 2017

If he was here with me, this is what he would have said…

Waiting for my coffee to be prepared while I was talking to my dad on the phone, I looked around to see all the people sitting around inside the Starbucks. Immediately, my mind played out a hypothetical scenario – instead of he being on the phone, what if he was there with me waiting to have a coffee with me, what would he be doing?

Looking around me, I was convinced that he would ask me to come back to India. Not that he would have anything against Starbucks coffee. But he would have surely surveyed the crowd inside and concluded that American economy has taken a very large hit.

“America-r moto deshe-tey-o lokjonder chhera pant portey hochhe. Ki je din kaal elo”, he would have said.

[“Even in a rich country like America, people are having to wear torn up jeans. Times are really bad now here.”]

Seriously, what is up with these jeans with holes in them? No. I mean, really. How do these things become fashionable at all?

I am sure those designer guys got together one day, got drunk out of their wits and somebody yelled “Wait, wait. I have an idea. Let’s rip up our line of clothes and put them up on the shelf. I bet you people will fall over each other to buy them”.

And y’all make fun of me for wearing shorts all the time 🙂

Posted May 24, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Dale Green on

    But the sad part is people are paying extra for the holes and faded out denim. I don’t get it !!! Rita tells me I have no taste. Sigh……

  2. By Russell Shaw on

    It’s the most stupid thing, right up there with Australians paying for designer mud to be thrown at their ‘too clean’ SUVs


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