30 April 2017

One good turn deserved another…

I ran a 5K race after a long time this morning. To make sure that I did not wait for that long a time for the next one, I went ahead and ran a second one this evening. Morning one was on a flat surface and I was able to post 8:13 min/mile. The evening one was on punishing hills and I had to slow down to 8:41 min/mile. But there was wine at the end of it 🙂

Nikita and our dog Jay Jay came to cheer me up. (Sharmila is visiting Natasha in New York).

Your probably remember some of the inspiring pictures of kids running in the morning. The evening one was no different. The evening run was to raise money for differently abled kids who are financially disadvantaged. There was one kid who clearly was differently abled who showed up (for the shorter version of the race) to raise money for his brethren.

I was touched by him enough to hang around till he showed up at the finishing line. I was completely humbled by the fact that somebody who can barely walk properly would show up for a race just to raise money for kids like him but in a different financial situation.

What blew my mind was the sight of his mom walking step for step with him all the way. What sacrifices must she have made to raise her son all her life!

Every time the next hill in my run threatened to take my breath away, all I had to do was remind myself of what I had just seen. The world was very even after that.

Let the records indicate that for all the divisiveness we have pushed ourselves to in the garb of so called knowledge and intelligence, our basic instinct of just being humane is often still intact!!!

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  1. By Amitesh Mukherjee on

    No other runs in between the two 5Ks ? Saturday is supposed to be at least a 10mile day  . Both of these runs were for such great causes. A great Saturday indeed.


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