29 April 2017

Race to beat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s syndrome)

It was extremely heartening to see so many people come out to run to raise money for research and cure of ALS. Quite a few of my friends have one or the other parent affected by this and some, unfortunately, have eventually lost the battle.

There were some very cute kids who came for the Fun Run. The youngest one divided her time between taking a few steps and focusing on her pacifier!! It was very encouraging to see the sense of camaraderie among all the young participants.

In the 5K run itself, there were kids around 10 years old on one hand and there were septuagenarians on the other. There were a few who finished it in their wheelchairs – and one of them is currently afflicted by ALS. There were people sprinting, people jogging and people walking. Regardless of their capability, they came out to show solidarity in the fight against ALS. A few dogs, not to be outdone, ran the whole race with us!

If medical technology cannot find a cure soon, I am sure the human spirit will.

Amitesh ran after a long time and posted one of his career best times. I ran a 5K race after a long time too (these days, I focus on the long distance runs instead of the fast ones). Mine was good enough to get the 3rd prize in my age category.

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