11 April 2017

Erroneous conclusion!!

The way my fellow Indian brethren display haste – you know like getting up from our seats barely after the plane touches ground or crowd at the gate all simultaneously moment they start boarding, you might be tempted to conclude that we are fastidious about being punctual or something.

Far from the truth, I assure you πŸ™‚

We just don’t want you to reach anywhere before we do πŸ™‚

Posted April 11, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Musings", "Vacations


  1. By Somnath Daripa on

    Rajibda, Guess it’s a characteristic of high population and population density. People of any country would behave the same. NY driving, behaviour and attitude is so different from most part of US.

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      What are your thoughts on why the same exact folks (and this is the demography of people originating from India) have different behavior on US to Europe sector versus Europe to India sector?

    2. By Somnath Daripa on

      The moment I land in Ranchi, through bus, train or flight from Bangalore or UK or US, my Hindi changes to local Adivasi/ Chhotanagpur accent, without any conscious effort πŸ™‚ Otherwise my Hindi is mainstream with almost no hint of my place of origin.

  2. By Anupam Debnath on

    Quite agree with you. 2 months back a lady bangs the luggage trolley into my knee while standing in the queue behind me.Then asks me laga kya…..I couldn’t help but tell her,” the plane will not leave without her”…. The takeoff a good hour away. Though I wonder if she “got” the message…….

  3. By Ranajoy Ganguli on

    The guys who are the most angry on the bus driver and conductor duo for “opting” for Red traffic lights, say” office e deri hocche je!!” ( I am getting late for office). Wonder why all the rush happens after 10 am.


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