11 February 2017

Speaking of mixed messages…

So, I came back home. That was her cue to leave home. She dutifully took the daughter to the dance class.

But made the classical mistake of letting me know that she had cooked “ghugni”. You can check Wikipedia for this. And you will learn that there this is not a dish that can be rejected by somebody faint of the heart.

Let’s just say somebody finished the whole bowl of ghugni, taking full advantage of nobody else being at home. To speak of nothing of not having eaten any home cooked home for a week. And that somebody suddenly realized that she was going to be home….

Attempting for a soft landing, he sent the following message (see pic).

And he received the response in the pic.

The smiley was great! Maybe I was off the hook. But then came the ominous “almost home”. That can go either way. Right now, I am having pictures going thru my mind of a school teacher with her glasses down her nose and a stick in her hand reprimanding her student……

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