10 February 2017

Oh! Portland! Thou truly art weird!

Sitting at the corner in a restaurant in Portland, I was having lunch with Tobin – an office colleague. We were going thru some business reviews when I looked up from our discussions to check the outside and saw an unique sight. As you see in the picture – there was a gentleman walking by us in what I would not even call a kilt – that is a skirt, fair and square. All pink in color! No less!

Tobin, who also saw what I saw made a quick hash of the question I did not even get to actually ask – “Ah! yes! We keep Portland weird”.

In any case, eventually, we had to order food. I was glancing up and down the menu and something caught my eye. After we placed our orders, I showed Tobin what caught my eye. As you see in the picture, it was about The Unipiper. Google “The Unipiper” or look up in Youtube. You will learn about a young guy who has been on national TV who goes around the city in a unicycle (those are the one that have only one wheel!!) playing a bagpipe usually dressed up in his Scottish kilts and a Darth Vader mask!! And sometimes he blows fire from the bagpipes!!!

After lunch, Tobin and I walked back to office and as I entered the office for the next set of meetings, I ran into Brian at the door. “Hey, Brian. How are you?”, I said. “Good, good. And you, Rajib?”. “Pretty good myself”… etc etc etc

So you are wondering what has this got to do with anything? Brian IS The Unipiper! We actually are teammates!!

How often do you read about your teammates in a menu card at a restaurant?

Totally cool. And weird. It is Portland, after all!!

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