4 February 2017

Qawwali of the evening – “Bhar do Jholi”

The original proponent of this qawwali were the Sabri brothers. Today, I was listening to the version by Amjad Sabri (son of the younger Sabri brothers). The poem was penned by Purnam Allahabadi. Born originally in India in Allahabad as Mohammad Musa, he later migrated to Pakistan after the partition.

“Jholi” refers to the bag that a beggar carries to collect alms.

“Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad
Laut kar main na jaaoonga khaali
Tumhaare aastane se zamaana kya naheen paata
Koi bhi dar se khaali maangne waala naheen jaata”

Roughly translated (please feel free to offer better suggestions – this is not my mother tongue)

“Fill my bag, O Muhammad
I will not go back empty-handed
What does the world not receive at your doorstep
No one who comes asking at your door leaves empty-handed”

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