2 February 2017

That was my running track yesterday…

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I had an interesting running track. On my left was a sharp drop of 100 feet in to the beach below. On my right was the railway track. Ever so often one of those double decker Caltrain trains would speed by. And in between the edge of the cliff and the railway track was enough space – filled with stones to stabilize the tracks – for me to run along.

The stones were a little painful. But the constant watch out for an approaching train and the staying safely away from the sheer drop was enough to keep the mind focused away from the pain. Just when I was wondering how stupid the whole idea might have been, I came across another runner from the other side.

She must have been as relieved to see me as was I. She spontaneously high fived me as we stepped aside a little to make space for each other. One of those “runner” highs, no doubt. That said, I shall try to keep these kind of runs to a minimum.

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