18 January 2017

Royters reports: Former President HW Bush and wife Barbara Bush hospitalised


Unsubstantiated reports claim that, faced with the prospect of having to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration event day after tomorrow, all the currently living former Presidents and former First Ladies have enquired with their respective doctors about the possibility of checking into a hospital πŸ™‚

Posted January 18, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Grace Isip Walker on

    You haters need to get over yourselves. Whether we like it or not, Trump will be the president for the next 4 years. Haters can sit back and choose to not work with/against the new administration or try to make the best of it and work with Trump. We all need to come together and try to make this country great again.

  2. By Steve Martin on

    That is in really poor taste. Our thoughts should be with the Bush family in this trying time. Making their dire health situation the subject of jokes is distasteful. Seems like people think anything is OK as long is it is against Trump. Some civility and decorum can still be observed no matter how much you dislike our elected president.

  3. By Hal Boyd on

    It would be easier to try and like him if he would quick saying and tweeting stupid things and cease nominating unqualified people to cabinet posts.
    As long as he is doing that it is hard to accept or respect him.

  4. By Amrith Kumar on

    Yup, like all the celebrities who died last year because they didn’t want to handle the hard question of “would you please perform at the inauguration “. Agreed, given the prospect, going to hospital seems like a good option …. πŸ™‚

  5. By Avinash Misra on

    i am perplexed at the vitriol by some against Rajib’s post. where is our notion of free speech and humor? or is that only to be applied when the joke is in line with our world view ?


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