15 January 2017

Nikispeak – Yoga Pose

After the half marathon yesterday and the morning run today, my left quads continue to stiffen up. To ease it a little, I was trying some Yoga stretching at home. I think the specific pose is called Supta Virasana, or something like that. Basically, you sit down with your butt resting on your feet and both legs folded at the knee and parallel to each other. And then you slowly lay back by lowering yourself till your head and back rest on the floor with you looking up into the ceiling.

While this is an excellent way of stretching the quads from end to end, it is not a particularly easy pose for me. Slowly lowering myself backwards is painful and then getting up is another problem.

I am pretty sure I am not a pretty sight in between – when I am laying down in that pose. Nikita, who was walking by, removed any such doubts in my mind this morning. She had one look at me on the floor and said “Dad, your face screams constipation” đŸ™‚

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