13 January 2017

Ergo Emoji Sum !!

There I was. Sitting down near my gate quietly in a chair watching people go by – causing no harm nor foul to anybody. Then I lifted my head to look at the blaring TV screen and Boom! it hit me! A full show going on about “Kissenger”. Apparently an app that lets you kiss somebody without they being there with you!! (http://www.mirror.co.uk/all-about/kissinger)

And I shook my head thinking…

First, they gave me social media and told me that I do not need to talk to any real human being…

Then they gave me Amazon and said I really do not need to talk to anybody to buy anything.

Even in my stores, I got “Self Checkout”. Apparently there is no need for me to meet a human being to pay for my stuff.

Then I got XBox. I was told I was wrong in assuming that I need a human being to play tennis against…

Even at the airport today, the machine printed out my luggage tags. No need to greet any of their agents. I can tag the luggage myself and throw it in.

And now this? I do not even need a human being to kiss any more?

In my next birth, can I just send my emoji to this world in my place and fast forward thru this automated life?

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