13 January 2017

Ah! How I wish that girl never grows up….

Facebook reminded me of a “Nikispeak” moment from 2012 on this day. She was all of 7 years old that time. This is what the post said…

“Last night, after landing from DC, Tasha, Niki and I were having dinner together and we started naming all the NFL football teams. We started from the West going East – Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego and were already moving to Denver and Arizona, when Nikita piped up “Does San Diego have a lot of electronics?”. Tasha and I were like – “What? Why? …. Oh!” and then we were on the floor laughing….”

Good news is that Niki has not lost any of that sense of humor or feistiness.
Bad news is that San Diego will not have a football team any more…

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      did you get the personal message on Facebook that I sent. If you could send me your phone number to my personal message box. I would love to talk to you!!


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