6 January 2017

Nikispeak – New Year’s Eve

Reached home a little late at around 10:30 PM or so after the India trip. Nikita was at the kitchen table doing her studies. After some time we started having dinner together and were exchanging notes about our Holidays.

As a reference, I was in India and she was in Dallas with Natasha and Sharmila. Also, as a further reference, “masi”, in our language Bengali roughly means “aunt”. Actually it is used to address your mom’s sister. But it is common practice to call an lady who would be roughly your parents’ age as “masi”.

Finally we came to New Year’s Eve.

“What did you do, for New Year’s?”, she asked.
“I was fast asleep. How about you?”
“Oh! I spent most of it being surrounded by a lot of drunk “masis” “.


Seems like nothing has changed in Dallas in ten years πŸ™‚

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  1. By Anamika Chatterjee on

    Her and my younger one apparently got introduced over FB.
    Tia said her mom is always on Facebook and Niki said, ” Then she must know my dad. He is the king of Facebook.”
    This is when they were away from the mashis πŸ˜€


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