4 January 2017

We will keep this box unchecked

Today is my last day in India this trip. Got up very early in the morning – 5:30 AM. Had to check if Sharmila and the kids had made it back home (they were driving from Dallas) and wanted to be ready for dad when he would wake up. Another part of our routine – as many of you know who follow my India trips – is for father and son to sit outside in the balcony and watch the morning light emerge with absolutely no words spoken but a few cups of tea consumed. While in Ibiza resort, the whole family used to gather around him – so, I did not get the morning one on one time then. Today was my day.

I have been sitting in the sofa next to him for the last hour and a half. Already downed two cups of tea. But he has been struggling to get up. In fact, he did get up once, looked at me – not quite sure what he was thinking but he said “aajkey bodh hoy paarbo na re” (I don’t think I can make it today) and went back to sleep. “Ki paarbey na?”, (What can you not make?) I asked. But he was deep in slumber already.

Through the window, I can see that the sun is up and morning has fully bloomed. Which means, my window of opportunity has now moved out. I guess it is a good thing that I do not achieve everything in every trip. It keeps me coming back…

I will keep this one small box unchecked for this trip.

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