29 December 2016

This one is specially for Sharmila…

Sharmila always picks on me for not drinking in front of my parents. Which is true. Since my parents have a thing against alcohol, I do not drink in front of them. In fact, that is an understatement. While in Kalyani, we climb up the water tank on the terrace to have our daily wine or lock ourselves in my sister’s house. That has not stopped me from getting my father in law and mother in law to try out wines. And much to my mother in law’s dismay, my father in law looks forward to my visits so we can drink some wine together.

And that might be part of the problem. Maybe that is why Sharmila always picks on me.

Not any more!! Look who is drinking here!!

After dad went back to his room, he chatted with the nephews and niece for some time and dozed off. The kids started playing some board games that I had brought for them.

My sister, brother, sister in law, my mother and myself – we went down to the bar downstairs and spent a few hours there talking about a lot of life questions. And by the way, for Sharmila’s benefit, I want to point out that in the picture, my mom has a mojito in her hand, my sister and sister in law have Bloody Marys and my brother and I had gin and tonic.

Ok, maybe my mom’s drink did not have any alcohol in it. But ours did. And that is what counts!!

So there!! đŸ™‚

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