18 December 2016

The year in rear view:: Sights from my own patio

For all the great sights we saw in our vacations, one of my favorite pasttimes continued to be some “me” time sitting in the patio looking into the forest. Sometimes it would be sitting with a cup of coffee early in the morning and hear all the birds chirping. Sometimes it would be late in the evening around a fire on a cold day. And many a Saturday and Sunday summer would be spent just sitting there idling with a camera and perhaps a cocktail.

Best part was patiently waiting for the birds – especially the hummingbirds – and the deer to get close enough to me to take some clean shots. This year, we did not have much ice or snow. So, I have no icicle pictures off twigs and branches like every year.

I hope to increase my quiet “me” times as I keep growing older.

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