18 December 2016

That is some crazy weather…

Note that for us now, at 10 pm at night the temperature is 46 deg F. On this winter night, you would expect temperatures to go down quickly to near freezing. Instead, through the wintry night, our temperatures will actually go up. In fact, in the next four hours it will rise by 15 degrees to a very pleasant 61 deg F!! That is crazy! I assume the cloudy icon (we have been completely overcast) means the heat is not escaping and the wind from SSW means warm humid winds are coming in from Gulf of Mexico. Which would make sense in that we are going to get rains tomorrow morning.

I can’t recollect ever having seen in any winter night before, temperatures go up this dramatically!!!

Posted December 18, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs


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