14 December 2016

Nikispeak – “Mr.Mom”

Sharmila is coming back today. Fortunately, Niki and I did not bring the house down during her absence (or at least not yet, although the dog has threatened to help every day). On the contrary, we got every homework done on time, got up on time everyday, were early for school every day, did not miss any of her activities and what not. What is more, I cleaned the house every morning before Niki woke up, made her lunch, breakfast and pretty much held the office work and home and her activities together. With some aplomb, if I might add đŸ™‚

Bringing that to her attention, I mentioned to her this morning- “See, I can be Mr. Dad and Mr. Mom”
She: There is no such thing as a “Mr. Mom”
Me: Yes, there is.
She: Well, you might be Mr. Mom but you will never be a “Mr. English Teacher”

Ah! You cannot win them all!!

Posted December 14, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


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