14 December 2016

“Finish all the food”, she said…


You probably remember the long set of instructions she had left for Niki and myself on the refrigerator before she left for India. You might also remember that one of the instructions was to finish off all the food.

Last time the refrigerator was this clean was when we moved from Dallas to Atlanta.

Nikita and I just realized that the joke might be on us this evening. Sharmila will be home very soon. What are we going to eat this evening?

I think in Computer Science this was the classical off-by-one error!!!

Posted December 14, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Ram Narayanan on

    Setting bad benchmark for the rest of husbandom, Rajib. In which language does “Finish the food” mean “…and polish the fridge”. Sigh.


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