5 December 2016

Deja vu all over again!!

The refrigerator is bedecked with detailed instructions on how to make rice and what food is there in the fridge. That can mean only one thing. She is leaving for India!! Indeed, she did!

Here is the irony: She thought Nikita will not do her homework – apparently, I give her so much latitude. Well, she is done with all her homework and is also now way ahead for stuff due in school two weeks from now.

Now, I am not suggesting we did not have our fun moments. Somebody – and let’s not take any names her – but say, Nikita – dropped a whole box of dog treats into the washer which somebody else – again no point taking names – we are a team – but let’s say me đŸ™‚ had to clean it up.

All in all though, dad, daughter and dog having a great time!!


Posted December 5, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "My Family

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