4 December 2016

Nikispeak: All’s fair in …..

Niki and I… this evening over dinner….

Niki: “I am so mad at our lunch teacher”
I was a little confused where all this was coming from. She just got up after sleeping in the evening and I was quite sure she was still groggy. But I played along…

Me: “I am sure you have a good reason”
Niki: “She confiscated my phone”
Me: “She confiscated your phone?”
Niki: “Yeah Yeah, she gave it back”.
Me: “What did you do?” (meaning what got her in trouble)
Niki: (interpreting I wanted to know how she got it back) “Oh! I pretended to cry.”
Me: “You pretended to cry?”
Niki: “Yes, I kept sniffling and walking around her so she will notice me and feel bad”.
Me: “But that is being manipulative”
Niki: “No. That is being smart”.
Me: “Really?”
Niki: “You had a better way of getting my phone back?”

I just walked away before she could see me desperately trying to hold my laughter back!!
In my defense, I was a goody two-shoe nerd is school and never got in trouble with my cell phone. Good thing, those days, none of us had cell phones either đŸ™‚

Posted December 4, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Anonymous on

    I remember reading panchatantra comics while the classes were on. They wud be taken away and returned after a stern warning by the Princi.

  2. By Rajashree on

    I remember reading panchatantra comics during the classes and it wud b returned back after a stern warning by the princi.


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