1 December 2016

Meeting a high school friend!!

It was indeed 31 years back on a March afternoon in 1985 that I had last seen this guy. And then suddenly I got to know a few months back that we live in the same country!!! I was awaiting a chance to meet him in Scottsdale and before I could do that, he moved to the DC area. That actually increased the chances of my meeting him since I travel to DC every month.

Today, I was able to make enough time after meetings and so could he to finally see each other over three decades later!! Over the last few years, it has become religion for me to dig up people that I have had the fortune of crossing paths in my past and find out what they are up to and meet them once face to face. That is my way of saying Thanks to them for influencing my life.

And every time, I am delighted by how many different ways my friends have grown up and succeeded with very different twists and turns in life. This evening, Chiranjib and I connected over not only our parents, our kids and our immigrant journey but some mundane coincidences like how he and I have a deep fascination for a particular dish (“watta-kozhumbu”) that is made in Tamil Nadu. Not too many folks from India will know this dish (unless you are from Tamil Nadu). (He is married to a girl from that state and I spent four years there for studies).

What I admired most about Chiranjib is how much he has succeeded in corporate life in India and in the USA. He has gone from one pillar of success to the next post of success in some of the largest corporate entities in the USA ranging from healthcare to financial services to banks. Thru all that, it is remarkable how he has retained his modesty and kept his feet firmly to the ground.

A lot I need to learn from him on that front. For that, I need to meet him more regularly than once every 31 years!!


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  1. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    In 2017 I am going to start saving your adventures and meetings in a file to read at the end of the year….sometimes I envy your ability to run into people on a weekly basis all over the world… keep the stories coming RR.

  2. By Chobi Bose on

    Rajib I think u have d knack of finding your old friends.Actually u believe in Where there is a Will there is a way correct?

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      Indeed, ma’m. Moreover, I believe that I am the end product of the cumulative effect of a lot of influences – some small some large – of people I had the fortune of crossing paths with. Each and everyone of them deserve my gratitude. So, I try to meet them – friends, parents of friends, teachers, strangers I saw once…. That is my way of saying Thanks.

    2. By Chobi Bose on

      That’s a great way to show your gratitude. .Keep this beautiful habit going. My best wishes and blessings to u and your family.

  3. By Kang Lu on

    Rajib, you are on a roll in terms of connecting to your past. Most of us think what is ahead of us, but you actually made me think that the future definitely has room for the past, especially amongst the lost touches. A revelation for me! Thank you Rajib.


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