17 November 2016

I still think it was very funny…

This is reposted from a blog entry exactly four years back to this day…

We were in Costa Rica. Early morning. We were all up and getting ready for the day’s adventure… And this is what happened….

First Spanish lesson: Imagine this: Sharmila has all soaped up her face in front the bathroom sink, already running late for our volcano trip, quickly opens an eye a wee bit, locates the tap marked “C” and opens it in full blast to get a cold wash. In a few seconds, she lets out a scream!! A few commotion-filled minutes later, the two Texas born daughters – Natasha and Nikita – explained to her that “C” stands for “caliente” (hot) not “cold”. That would be the one marked “F”. Later, over laughs, I asked her if she learnt her first Spanish lesson. She promptly replied “Si” !! đŸ™‚


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