26 October 2016

More cramming time!!!!

Having avoided all Presidential debates and my FB friends’ silly (entirely by my personal judgment) political posturing, I figured I need to start studying before I get to the polling booth. I was hoping to download the manifestos of the two candidates and read them up and think about them during my late night flight tonight.

Except that, there is no one manifesto! There are 14 web pages for Donald Trump and 41 for Hillary Clinton. So, I now need internet connection to read and think about their positions.

Argggh!! What happened to taking printouts and thinking about a candidate’s stated positions as I read thru them and decide which positions I align with regarding the future of our country?

On the other hand, maybe this means more Starbucks time!! They have fast internet connection đŸ™‚

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  1. By Alexis Parker on

    All you can do is pull up the platforms from the Democratic Party and Republican Party. Ignore the faces of said parties and vote accordingly. It’s awful

  2. By Stephen Hunter on

    The thought that comes to mind is Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade.

    Onward the noble six hundred to be slaughtered by the cannons of political pundits and candidates alike. Waving our silvery pens like the sabers of old to slash away the innuendos and outright lies of political posturing. Marking our choice between senators on the left, congressman on the right and president in front. Only to retreat, not the noble six hundred, with our hopes and dreams lying in the political fallout and dust. But who can forget the effort we made, the noble electorate our glory can never fade!!

    I hope this conveys my sense of voter heroism in the face of overwhelming odds. Please vote for someone come Election Day and you too can write (I mean ride) into history like the noble six hundred!


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