22 October 2016

Friday night decompression…

Today’s featured song is one from Kabir. Kabir was a 15th century mystic poet from India. The song is sung by Nirali Kartik and Mooralala Marwada (under the aegis of the group Maati Bani). This is a song of the Banjaras – the tune is typical of them. The original nomadic tribes that started from Arabia eventually reached various parts of the world – the ones that went to Romania and now Europe are often referred to as “gypsies”. The ones that made it to India are often called (among other names) “Banjara”. Banjara also refers to the distinct (folk song) music they sing to.

“Chakki chal rahi, Kabira baitha royee
Dono pud ke beech me saajha na nikle koi
Chakki chal rahi Kabira baitha joye
Khoonta pakdo nij Naam ka, to sajha nikle jo soyee”

Chakki refers to a millstone (used to grind grains). It metaphorically refers to the grindstone of Time.
Khoonta refers to the middle hub (axis) of the hubstone that does not move.
Dono pud – this refers to the two stones in a millstone. Metaphorically, it refers to the Heaven and Earth

Roughly translated (adapted from somebody else)

The millstone (of Time) grinds on, Kabir weeps (watching the inevitable)
Between the two stones (wheeling heaven above and turning earth below) no one escapes unscathed (like the grains between the millstones)
The millstone grinds on, Kabir still sits there watching
Grab hold of the hub (of the millstone) of the name (soul) that is yours, (for) that is the path to your deliverance.


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