21 October 2016

New vineyards and a new friend

This week started very early and then continued with a feverish pitch. Somewhere, lost in the blur of all those meetings, I remember being in Washington DC, Dallas, TX and then Portland, OR. By Thursday evening, I felt I was justified to go visit a new vineyard. Being in Oregon helps!!

Grabbed Anand who has recently moved his family from Dallas to Portland and went to Cooper Mountain Vineyards which was about a 10 mile drive from his house. Got to try out quite a few Pinots while there. But more importantly, made a new friend in Barbara Gross whose family owns the place. Both Anand an I got to learn a lot about the history of Oregon wines and quite some about growing grapes from Barbara.

Also, Jean and Annie, I totally threw in your names as my friends to come across as somebody knowledgeable about Oregon wines 🙂 🙂 Which, as all of us agree, innumerable bottles later, sadly, I am indeed not 🙂


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