13 October 2016

I live for these kind of banters…

I know I get excited by the smallest thing in life but this kind of banter with my daughters is what I live for. Usually it is Nikita and I – and I have a whole “Nikispeak” series on it. This one is with Natasha – the college going one … The context was the the post from last year that I shared today which, if you did not realize – is a No Bra day…


Posted October 13, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "My Family


    1. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      OMG!! Rajib your sense of humor!! I shared this post with Rishi a little and from the ” we are pleased ” comment, Rishi said ” what, are you serious??” So looks like the kids shares the same feeling:) !!


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