6 October 2016

Somebody has at least learnt a lesson!!

Was in New York for a couple of investor meetings. They went a little long and the video call with office I had to take from the New York Starbucks with a lot of noise was not making me any energized. But there was something exciting I was looking forward to. I was going to have dinner with Natasha!!

I saw her first time after she left home and she was busy with her studies and had a test the next day. So, we spend about an hour and half together – walking and then having an early dinner.

Over dinner, as I was catching up on her new life, I asked her – “So, what have you learnt about yourself in the last month?”.
She thought for a while and said – “That I am not a morning person”!

Truer words have not been spoken by any college student ever!!!


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  1. By Amitesh Mukherjee on

    Nice picture. I know another Georgia dad who used to suddenly have meetings in Athens and was seen running in UGA campus after daughter started going to school there :-). Did the investors want you in NY or you asked investors to come to NY ? :-). I used to have a roommate at LSU who used to get up early for a 7:30 AM class and get all dressed up for class and then go to the living room sofa and take a last minute nap before heading to the campus :-). College days are fun. Good to see her.


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