30 September 2016

The two sides of humankind…

This happened earlier in the week. After all that name calling, accusations, counter accusations and foaming in the mouth with completely biased political points of views without any willingness to listen to the other side of the story – and this is just my Facebook friends’ posts I am talking about – I am yet to watch the debate – I came across a story that completely restored my faith in humanity. I believe my friend Aashu Rahar had forwarded a link in Linkedin.

This is a story of two human beings. You can see both of them in the top picture. The kid was a victim of what is called “witch child” accusations in Africa. You can read up in Wikipedia of this inhumane treatment meted out to young children by adults in parts of Africa out of sheer lack of education, poverty and sometimes worse.

This child came to this world thru no fault of his own. And the same people who is supposed to protect him and feed him and nurture him named him a witch child and threw him in to the streets and left him to die. And he was barely over a year old. He lived for eight months abused in the streets, fending for himself and lived off whatever scraps he could find on the streets.

And there is the other human being here in teh picture. Anja Ringgren Loven – a Danish woman who has dedicated her time and money to help abused kids in Africa. She and her husband David and her young son (who happens to be of the same age as the kid in the picture here) spend most of their time in Africa for the cause. Her foundation is called “African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation” (look it up).

One day, she got a call about an emaciated, abandoned kid on the street. That is when she went there and saw this child hopelessly starving, thirsty and to top it, riddled with worms. The picture of she gently feeding him and giving him water drew a lot of attention in social media on January 31 this year. Anja picked the disoriented kid up and took him to the hospital for treatment.

And that is where the vast humanity not seen in the picture comes in. The world at large raised a lot of money for the kid. (My research has come up with very different numbers – the more common numbers are 150,000 pounds and 1 million dollars. The former is more likely to be true). With that money, the kid was brought back to stable condition with a lot of blood transfusions and medicines. Finally, he had to undergo one last surgery to treat a particular body malformation.

Anja named the kid “Hope” and then settled him in a orphan’s home she has created and maintains that houses about 35 other kids.

The pictures at the bottom is the same kid Hope after only 8 weeks (just 8 weeks!!) of treatment and proper food and water!! That is an amazing recovery. Once again proving that sometimes all it takes is a little help, a little care and a little extending of our hands to make all the difference.

And you also realize that there are people like Anja in the world. What grace! What sacrifice! What humility!

What a wonderful human being!!!


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