27 September 2016

Forget the politicians! Time for some self-reflection for you.

For all of us who blame politicians for having made this election an entertainment show, reflect on one simple thing. How have you contributed to this yourself?

There was a time where politicians like Lincoln and Douglas used to write their arguments in paper and pen and publish them. Citizenry used to read them and meet in the marketplace to debate among themselves.

Today, somehow we feel if we miss the words spoken live on TV, tomorrow watching it on Youtube will have absolutely no value. Why? Can we not dissect the words and weigh in in our mind tomorrow?

Now think from the politician’s point of view. Are you reading their manifesto where you stop mid sentence, look up, think about the point and then decide – Yeah, that makes sense or that makes no sense. No! You are watching TV. You cannot stop to think after hearing something. The show has moved on. You are not going on to take a walk mid-show and think what was just said. Their only hope is to get as many sound bites as they can to catch your imagination, alignment, fear etc etc within those seconds.

What else can they do? And you were expecting material discussions?

The politicians did not make this an entertainment show. No, sir!

TV did.

Recognize that before you blame the politicians.

Posted September 27, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Musings


  1. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    RR – I have been an outspoken Democrat in a blatantly Republican county in a red state… as so, I have even been called a non christian on Facebook and have been sneered at and talked about to several of my friends by local politicans about my political independence ….. I have been an election judge twice in the past 10 years, taken people to the polls, helped with voting at nursing homes, and continue to realize that we are facing a scary scary future if the GOP{ wins again…

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    Vicky, understood your viewpoint. My point was something else – how TV has dumbed us down. On the political views -first, I respect your point of view. That may not agree with mine but that is why we are such a great country. Because of our willingness to let everybody have a view. That is what we have waged wars to get in other countries – did we not? Did we not call that Democracy? Now speaking of myself, I have found myself left or right leaning depending on the particular issue at hand. I have never been able to agree or disagree with all the common views of the Democratic or Republican party

    1. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

      I am just asking for diversity in Texas and asking for people to be able to decide on their candidates by being able to at least get a look and listen to them… here we get bombarded by the GOP side and then shunned by the churches if we don’t vote like the preacher wants…

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    Roger, why? People chose them right? We agreed that the rules are people get to choose them – that is Democracy right? What makes us feel we know better what is right for the People more than the People feel themselves? (My only counterpoint to my own point is how People form opinions – and that is where I blame TV for the degeneration. Written form would have forced us to think more)

  4. By Kash Anand on

    Rajib. I believe it’s not TV. It’s internet. This election and current situation is mostly due to freedom and accountability to IT company when they say freedom of information. If we had tough law on freedom of information had consequences. Ask all information tech company to be accountable for their technology and billions they make. They have moral and national responsibility to the nation’s security too.

  5. By Rajib Roy on

    Kash, if you get a chance read a book from the 1980s – “Amusing ourselves to death”. That might convince you on the TV versus internet debate.

  6. By Kash Anand on

    Yes Rajib. I agree. But generation Y is internet. Twitter, facebook, Xbox, YouTube, ask generation Y where is Iraq. They wud have no clue. Ask them Ukraine is. Who is UN ambassador is. But they will Know what kardasians did. Or Miley or Justin said. Ask them what Obama did towards peace. Mostly would say. Police shot a black. That’s reality right now with generation Y.


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