11 September 2016

The Sufi Queen…

Wrapping up a hectic week with some winding down with Abida Parveen. There are very few singers I have heard that can scale as many octaves as she can….

Here she sings…

Yaar Ko Humne Ja-ba-ja Dekha
Kahin Zahir Kahin Chupa Dekha
Kahin Momkin Hoa Kahin Wajib
Kahin Fani Kahin Baqa Dekha

Going by somebody else’s translation (as always improvements welcome)…

I saw my beloved in all I saw,
At times revealed, hidden at times.
At times a possibility, at times an imperative,
At times ephemeral, at times eternal…

Also, I am not very sure of the poet but it probably was Hazrat Shah Niaz.


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