9 September 2016

New addition to Atlanta airport..

This week I had my flight from Terminal B at Atlanta airport. Since it was just an overnight trip, I had only my backpack with me. I walked from Terminal T to Terminal B and noticed a very nice addition in the tunnel between A and B. You might have seen in the past, I had posted pictures of all the African sculptures and the wall paintings that decorates part of the long tunnel.

Now there is a section that will make you feel like you are walking thru a tropical forest. You can see from the picture how the tunnel looks inside as you walk thru it. What you cannot see is the loud sound of tropical forest birds continuously being played. There is a portion where if you look up you see the blue sky with birds flying across and making bird noises (of course all done thru artificial lighting and sound).

Very well done! If only they could sprinkle some water droplets and crank up the humidity, some might be even be tempted to settle there after missing their flight to a tropical destination!!!


Posted September 9, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs

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