7 September 2016

Challenge Rejected!

Okay, that was the fourth challenge in as many days days from my FB friends. If I get the general drift, I am being challenged to put up a happy picture of Sharmila and myself  (good luck finding it) for ten successive days (haha! lots more good luck finding them) and then everyday I am to challenge another friend to do the same.

I have certainly no issue on what you want to do with your FB timeline – entirely your choice to post and my choice to ignore them. That being said, my first thought was – What??? What  kind of a challenge is this? Mind you – this is not a request. This is not a suggestion. This is a CHALLENGE to prove my love and happy marriage!!! How many wives do I have these days?

To what end? How are ten pictures of Sharmila and I – and remember – we have to look happy in all of them which dramatically reduces the sample set in our case – going to make one iota of a difference to anybody? Other than of course, setting the wrong expectations to the poor souls that are contemplating on getting married 🙂

By the way, you are not fooling me one bit about your marriage with those pictures. Put some candid pictures – one where you were fighting, one where you completely embarrassed yourself, one where she sent you to sit in the corner, one where you unexpectedly got a surprise…. you know all those small real life things that actually make a happy marriage. All those seemingly happy moments you self-choose does not define your marriage. Those are meant for a Facebook pyramid scheme. If your marriage is anything like mine, its happiness is not derived from a continuous stream of smiling face photo-ups but unrelenting ups and downs with an underlying trust and belief that the other person will always be there for you. You can’t take a picture of that. You have to feel it.

I have to say, I do enjoy sometimes when you occasionally put those happy pictures of you and your spouse. I feel special that you desired to share a happy moment with me. And certainly feel happy for you. Those are special moments. Let’s keep them special. That specialty goes away in my mind when I realize that you are doing this for a “challenge” and worse, you are trying to make a daily habit of it for some time. And that you intend to encourage such behavior from ten other people!

And maybe you still feel you need to do that. Ok. Your call. But why me?? I and the king of TMI in FB. I am the exemplar of hedonism in FB with every bit of my life posted on Facebook. Have you not been warned at all not to encourage me to post more? Even the carriers are going – dude – throttle back – your data use is overloading those snooping NSA servers 🙂

Ok. Now allow me to finish this post, quit searching our photo databases for ten pictures and instead utilize that time to think of one more reason to pick up a fight with Sharmila 🙂

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  1. By Sarani Ghosh on

    Rajib da- you posted the exact thing which I verbally said to a friend some time back but did not write it on FB as did not want to offend my other friends who were happily posting this “challenge”.. I think the real challenge is to stay together through think & thin.. Still love your partner when they drive u nuts or emotionally shortchange you.. Sharing a picture of your happiness & togetherness on FB occasionally is nice .. But this to my mind was ridiculous !! Thank you Rajib Roy for having the guts to write what I could not!!

  2. By Vijay Ramchandran on

    I on the other hand have always regarded these as another Facebook social engineering experiment designed to increase engagement on the platform. I guess it’s working, whether you post pictures or a rant:)

  3. By Antara Choudhuri on

    Exactly my thought! I keep sending messages to my friend with ‘challenge rejected’ as this looks so stupid! And it never ends… Sometimes it’s a pic in a sari, sometimes you being happy, sometimes motherhood, womanhood… God knows how many of those I have received and ignored!

  4. By Anamika Chatterjee on

    Did you not hear the spin off…to post 10 photos with other people’s spouses? Even better voyeuristic challenge is to capture two non spouses and post to make mischief.

  5. By Seema Singh on

    Wait what? How come no one is sending me these challenges!!! Oh, I guess maybe because I’m such a party pooper of FB challenges 🙂 BTW, I absolutely loved your protest.

  6. By Joyita Bagchi Hegde on

    Love your post!! Im not too much into challenges too. And theres no challenge in posting lovey dovey pictures with your own husband 🙂 The challenge should be to post with others husbands like others suggested !!!:) 🙂


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