4 September 2016

You know why I look so fresh after the run?

Because I did not get to run at all! Well, it did not start that way. I did venture out for a run this evening. I had figured I would put in a short run since both the legs are still stiff and after the last couple of long runs, I have a slight pain on the upper face of the left foot. Thus, I went to a different start point on the regular trail and what do you know? It was closed! Even the parking lot was closed. I had to turn around.

Very frustrated at this, I was wondering what to do and reluctantly decided to drive for fifteen minutes to the next trailhead to put in a quick – and maybe even a shorter run! On my way, I saw a sign that said there was going to be a race tomorrow and one could come in to the shop to register.

Swerved into the parking lot without giving it any more thought (I can be easily distracted that way). I went inside the shop and enquired what the race was about. They said they were raising money for Cancer Research for Children. “Fair enough”, I said to myself and told them that I wished to register. At that point, they informed me that 5Ks and 10Ks were sold out.

“What distance do you have left?”, I asked.

“Only half marathons, sir”, they said.

“Ok. Give me one of those”.

And thus a few minutes later, I walked away with a race registration bib in my hand. And without any more fuss, drove back home straightaway without putting in even a foot of a run today 🙂

The problem is that for the first time I checked the race route online and realized that it is filled with hills 🙁 It is 21 kilometers and more over multiple hills!! First time I will be running this distance without any proper training (all those training calendars, peaking, tapering and good stuff) or any preparation whatsoever.

First goal tomorrow morning is to take a couple of painkillers and survive the race at all costs!!


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  1. By Dibyendu Mukherjee on

    You will survive the race Rajib. Painkillers or not. Just think think of the cause. No pain will let you stop once you think of the pain that the children and MORE importantly their parents suffer because of cancer! All the best friend.


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