29 August 2016

Waking up to a very quiet morning

Usually when I wake up in the morning this late – and I was late after we came home at 1:30 am with all those delayed flights from New York – there is a cacophony of alarms going on from the north end of our house. Invariably it is all those alarms that were set up to wake her up in the morning starting somewhere around 7 am going all the way to 10 am. Or something like that. Multiple alarms set about seven minutes apart and all she would do is hit the Snooze option. And each alarm was set to different alarm noise. Cacophony is just about the right way I can describe it.

As I said, I woke up today to a eerily quiet house. Instinctively, I went to her room to do my usual thing. Take her phone from the charger and switch off all the alarms. And let her sleep in peace.

Except, there was no alarms ringing today. Because there was no phone there today. And there was nobody bundled under the blankets today – irritably telling me “Go away, daddy” and turn over to the other side to go back to sleep, either!!


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  1. By Leanne Whitmore Monter on

    It’s a strange feeling. I remember the first couple weeks were hard. I found myself opening her bedroom door to make sure it was clean to yell at her to clean it lol.


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