6 August 2016

Boy! Did I catch my body by surprise!!

After staying off from running for two weeks to give my repetitive stress points some time to recover, started running again today. I am sure my body was thinking we will ramp up with shorter runs for a couple of days. That might have been very well the case if I had not joined Molly and Bill for a run. For them, short run is a double digit in miles. Plus we tried out the new section on the northside of the trail. Turns out we had to climb 37 floors in a very short stretch.

After 10 miles, Bill went back home and Molly and I decided to take another run at the hills. Finally after half marathon and change distance (14 miles in 2 hours 15 mins) and having climbed 74 floors, I dropped off.

Molly, bless her heart, continued to finish ANOTHER 16 miles!!! I am exhausted just thinking about it!!

Also, those repetitive stress points? Yeah, they still hurt 🙂


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  1. By Sonali Banerjee on

    Dada, you missed the opportunity to retrace the great migration swimming across the Bering Strait and running all the way to home……pun intended

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