4 August 2016

The weak points for every Roy in the family

Be it Kalyani or be it Atlanta, there is a time tested way of melting a Roy heart away in our family… hand any one of them either a baby or a dog. And if it is a baby dog, you have hit pay dirt. There are not too many things that will make Sharmila snatch something away from her daughters (yes, it happened and Natasha and Nikita has made every effort ever since to ensure that she will never forget it đŸ™‚ ).

Most people carry big boxes of salmon and other game when they leave Alaska. For a moment, I was afraid that I might have to buy a couple of new tickets to fly some dogs and puppies home with us.

Truth be told, it was for the asking. Nobody asked me though. They just kept fighting among themselves…


Posted August 4, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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