15 July 2016

Friend from 11th and 12th days

After meetings in Colorado Springs and then in Denver West – and that made for a looong day, I needed to get some dinner. That presented a good opportunity to catch up with good old Manajit Sengupta from Narendrapur days. I had promised him multiple times that I would visit him when I came to Denver – this was the first time I was able to follow thru with that.

It was great to meet him and his wife Neelanjana. Needless to say, within a few minutes I had already found out some common connections from their college days. One of them happened to be the couple – Joydeep and Swapna that we vacationed with in Coeur D’Alene three months back!!

We had a great time talking about our school days, growing up, our teenager kids and all that good stuff. I came away distinctly with the impression that the goody goody boy image that Manajit had of me lost some of its sheen last evening đŸ™‚


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