4 July 2016

“Jodi tor daak shuney keu na aasey, tobey ekla cholo re”

“Should no one heed your call, then march along by yourself”

After dad not joining me for the morning dawn break and then my brother not joining me for the run in the morning today, somebody had to keep up with the tradition. Even if just for tradition’s sake 🙂

The sky became overcast very quickly. And we were back to the hot and humid weather. Since I have about 25 hours of flight in front of me, wanted to see if I could tire myself out by pushing my body for an endurance run. Finished a 5K run in a minute faster than my normal 5K race pace. (8min/mile average with a couple of peaks at 7:30 min/mile).

Now drinking water by the gallons to avoid cramping up…


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