18 June 2016

Friday evening unwinding with some personal time

It was a hectic week with three subsequent mornings starting at 3:45 am to catch 6 am flights. This evening’s choice of singer was Munni Begum. She was actually born in a village – not too far from where I come. Born a Bengali muslim called “Nadira”, her family had moved to Bangladesh and then Pakistan. I understand she lives in US now.

“Kis ko khabar thi sanwli badal
Bin barse urh jate hain
Sawan aya lekin
Apni qismat mein barsaat nahin
Toot gaya jab dil to phir
Sanson ka naghma kya maani”

Who knew the dark clouds
Would fly away without raining
The rainy reason was here
But it did not rain for me
When the heart is broken
Music has no meaning..

(Somebody should translate the “sanson ka naghma” part better – literally it is the song of our breath? )


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