7 June 2016

Meeting a Delta friend again!

We had an evening flight back to Atlanta. That allowed me to catch up on my work during the day and the girls to hit the common shopping spots in Dallas area (can you say Sam Moon? 🙂 ) before we headed back. Walking into the Delta Sky Club with the family, I was wondering if Nancy would be there. I was hopeful since I seemed to recollect that she always did the evening shift. If you remember – last year, I had met Nancy – that lady from Copenhagen – and had written about her great life journey. (See “The great difference between voyages rests not with the ships, but with the people you meet on them.” ) . Initially, I looked around and I could not find her. The girls went out – no points for guessing – to do some more shopping and I got busy with the day ending office calls.

Eventually, I shut down the phone and walked up to the bar for a drink – and guess who was there? Nancy came out and we talked for a long time and caught up with her life since I had met her last time. She was excited that she was going to see her grandparents this month in Scranton, PA. (If you recollect, she lost her daughter to cancer last year). She seemed as jolly and full of life as I had seen her last year. She seemed to be very happy with her job in Delta (again, if you remember, she started as a volunteer a few years back after losing her husband and daughter).

Apparently she got very excited about my previous blog about her and she had shown it to her manager who had sent it to Delta headquarters Marketing department. She was very surprised to learn that I do not write for a living!! Maybe I will give it a shot some time!!

In the meanwhile, the family had returned and Nancy spent quite some time with the girls (Natasha and Nikita) and Sharmila. Finally, we took the customary picture together before leaving. And I have added the inset with the old picture of me and Nancy in it. She gave the best compliment before we left – “You guys have become my family from Atlanta”!!

Hope to come back to Dallas soon!


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