21 May 2016

Kumar Vishwas poem

Samandar peer ka andar hai
Lekin ro nahin sakta
Yeh aasoon pyaar ka moti hai
Isey kho nahin sakta
Meri chahaht ko apna tu bana lena
Magar sun le
Jo mera ho nahin paaya
Wo tera ho nahin sakta


Posted May 21, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry


    1. By Mallika Mandal on

      Created.by.me.with.help.of.Anshu.please.Help.Avijit.Bose.if.any.suggetion is.needed.I.know.he.is.your.good.friend

    2. By Rajib Roy on

      He sent me a message yesterday. I called him up in Australia late night to help him set up some settings he was looking for help for

    3. By Mallika Mandal on

      I.know.that.some.settings. problem.Avi.did.it.successfully. of.course..I.know.you.helped.us.Thank you. for.your. help.brother

  1. By Rajashree on

    J J is so very cute, seems to b enjoying the evening.


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