30 April 2016

Idhar zindagi ka janaza uthega

I was pointed to this song first by my friend Shahid Charania. I do not know the name of the original poet who composed this but my favorite rendition of this is by Ataullah Khan. The tune is the same as a Hindi movie song of the past (“Tumhi mere mandir Tumhi meri pooja”). I do not know which came first.

The poem starts in the following way:

“Idhar zindagi ka janaza uthega

Udhar zindagi unki dulhan banegi

Qayamat se pehle qayamat hai yaaro

Mere samne mere duniya lutegi

Jawani pe meri sitam dhaaney walon
Zara soch lo kya kahega zamana

Idhar mere armaan kafan pehen lenge
Udhar unke haathon pe mehndi lagegi”

Roughly translated… all improvements are very welcome..

“Here (my) life’s funeral will be held
And there (her) life will be a bride
My day of judgment has come before my day of judgment
In front of mine own eyes, my life will be plundered.

Oh! you who brought suffering to my youth
Just think about what the world is going to say
Here all my wishes will covered by a shroud
There her hands will be decorated with henna”


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  1. By Rajashree on

    This is from the film Aaraish (1989) .

    Line 2 could be read as ‘Udhar zindagi unki haseen banege’
    Translated as And there, her life will be filled with happiness.

    1. By Rajib Roy (Post author) on

      It is a great song, Aliya with some poignant meanings. I love the tune of it as rendered by Ataullah Khan!

    2. By Rafael0 on

      Mine aswell. But I also like the version of Munni Begum

  2. By Anon on

    The day of my funeral
    Will be the day of her wedding
    My day of judgement has come
    Before the (actual) Day of Judgment
    (In essence) My life will be over on the day of her wedding

    Idhar mere armaan ka kaffan pehen lehenge
    Udhar un keh haathon seh mehndi lagegi
    My desires/hopes/wishes will be buried
    On the day henna is applied to her hands

    Another line,
    Idhar mere armaan kah kaffan mor lehnge
    Udhar unke maathe peh bindiya sajege
    The street they will turn into carrying
    my coffin full of my desires/hopes/wishes
    Is where they will be placing the bhindiya on her forehead

    A long and absolutely heartbreaking poem….The day you marry another will be the Day of Qayamah for me!
    The words as true today as the day they were written
    Apologies for the very simple translation☺️


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