28 April 2016

“Saat pherey-r saat maaile”

7 miles for seven “pherey-s” – which is actually a custom for Bengali traditional weddings. That is not what Sharmila and I went thru (ours was a court marriage – there is a hilarious story of how the judge divided some cattle among two feuding brothers before taking up the case to get us married).

Instead, it was 7 miles today because the trail ended after 3.5 miles and I had no option but to turn back…

Ran into good old Sridhar on the trail. He has just started running and is gearing to run his first 5K race in May. If I can open up the morning on that day, I might go and run with him just to support him on his maiden race!!


Posted April 28, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Running


  1. By Siddhu Sridhar on

    Thank you..it’ll be awesome if you can make it to run with me 🙂 … likewise, it was really good to see you this morning Rajib !!


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