28 April 2016

It gets funnier every year…

Over dinner this evening:

Me: “I do not have any scheduled meetings in the morning. If you are free, we can go out for lunch.”
Sharmila: “No. The pest control guy will come at 10 am.”
Me: “Okay”

And the dinner proceeded.

After about half an hour (when Nikita declared she did not need any more help from me for her homework)…

Me: “Okay, then I am going to go upstairs and retire.”
She: “Are you going to sleep now?”
Me: “No. It is 9PM. I will probably catch up on some reading”
She: “Or you can help me clean up the kitchen”.
[She said this pointing to the one ketchup bottle that was still left after I had cleaned out all the dishes. I will leave the topic of irony here since more is to come]
Me: “I already did it” [as I put the solitary bottle left back in its place]

…and to add some twist to that I continued…
Me: “Now I am going to go upstairs and reflect on twenty three years of our marriage. By the way do you know how many years we have been married?”

Now, if you follow my blogposts regularly, you probably know by now that she absolutely cannot remember our birthdays, our anniversaries and all those good stuff. She will remember your face and name if she met you twenty years back, but she can’t figure out how many years we have been married! I got my twentieth anniversary gift on our nineteenth anniversary!

She knew I was just picking on her. So, she retorted – “I don’t know and I don’t want to know..”. I know she said that but in her mind, she was trying to start the subtraction process. You know how I knew that?

Because, about eight seconds later, she turned around and screamed “IT IS OUR ANNIVERSARY TOMORROW”!

And I stood there scratching my head wanting to ask her – “So, what was your first hint?” πŸ™‚

The best part of twenty three years of marriage? Exactly this kind of moments of comic relief!!

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  1. By Rajashree on

    Every year of marriage is special,
    When the heart is full of joy and the soul sings,
    May this divine music last a lifetime,
    Happy wedding anniversary!

  2. By Amy Yang on

    Happy Anniversary!! See forgetting important events doesn’t mean they don’t care or that they love you less.

  3. By Prasenjit Sarkar on

    Happy anniversary, Rajib … as always, a very engaging anecdote … I, for one, always read your posts from the beginning to the end in one go, not wanting to miss any humour, whether overt or subtle. πŸ™‚

  4. By Abhik Bhowmic on

    Rajib, what a novel way of communicating! Happy anniversary to both you & Sharmila. Wish you could reflect & cherish the happier moments spent during your 23 years of marriage. Expecting a post of the special wine or cocktail as the special treat.

  5. By Hiren Desai on

    It’s still a suspense for the readers if the Anniversary Lunch happened after all !!!…Pray the coming years are even more fun than those that passed…! Looking forward to Anniversary Cocktail that is if you are not too busy….


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