26 April 2016

How many times have you stopped at a STOP sign to let a helicopter go thru?

One perk of my job in the geospatial data analytics is that we get to acquire a lot of data from airplanes and helicopters. And therefore, I often get access into the airports where the flight operations are.

Today, I finished a meeting with one of our partners and as I started to drive towards the secure gates, had to stop at the STOP sign to let this helicopter go.

Technically, I came to the sign first, but I looked at the rotor fan sizes and who the helicopter belonged to. I was very happy to let it go first 🙂

Posted April 26, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Travelogs


  1. By Subramanian Ramkishore on

    First rule of airfield driving– when something that is supposed to fly is moving on the ground, all things that are supposed to move on the ground, come to a stop. Fact.

  2. By Anindya Mukherjee on

    This is a high time you leave the car and buy a Helicopter. you can share that with us over weekend. Berkmar is too far from our place 🙂


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